I am a Contemporary Classical Realist, this is my chosen path for my work. Gouache (Opaque Watercolor) and Oil are the mediums I prefer most often. I have never wanted to concentrate on one subject but am equally inspired to paint still life, figural as well as wildlife. I strive to explore both lighting and color in my work, this is what brings emotion and life to any painting. Atmosphere is, I feel, the biggest challenge to me as an artist. Exploring and illustrating successfully the space between and around subjects on a two dimensional plane is absolutely fascinating to me. In my strive for success as a full time working artist I have learned that only hard work and many hours at the table can bring me closer to my goals. It is a life long dream as well as a life long struggle.

I am extremely inspired by the artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Artists such as John William Waterhouse, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Frank Cadogan Cowper fill most of my art research and truly have my heart. I scrounge the countryside looking for items from the Art Nouveau and the Art Deco movements for my still life paintings and are a secret personal obsession. The genius Austrian porcelain artist Wagner is without a doubt my favorite artist of the Art Nouveau period.  His work always moves me with its timeless and romantic beauty. I am also greatly influenced by contemporary realists such as Carl Brenders, Robert Bateman, John Paul Strain and Daniel Tennant who has been so very kind to me.

My goals for my work are quite simply to improve my craft with each new work and hope that others appreciate what I create.